Hucks Donut Challenge 2020

Listen. Donuts are Life. I don't think I could have much more love for a singlular food item than I do for donuts. I do not discriminate. Yeasty, cakey, baked, filled, fried, coated, topped, "prinkled" (as Molly says), frosted or powdered. I. Do. Not. Care. Bring them to me and you best bring more than one. Who even orders ONE DONUT? So when the Apocalypse of 2020 descended upon us and it was ... View the Post

Heart Talk

I get to be her mom. It’s been 10 months. (Sidebar-I’ll pay you $1000 to tranquilize the minion that runs the second hand around the clock so fast-THIS IS NOT THE AMAZING RACE for crying out loud). She’s a bit of a diva, our sturdy little dark haired beauty. Last Mother’s Day,we were 7 weeks […]

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Hucks Kitchen

It’s our first winter season out of isolation. And it’s kicking us in the teeth. Between the three of us, we’ve been sick since Halloween and it’s been rough on the littlest Hucks. We were vigilant the first 2 isolation seasons with the hand sanitizer, Clorox wipedowns and protecting the bubble. It was super hard, […]

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Surprise Me

39. Today. I know it’s my birthday because I just finished leftover 7 layer chocolate cake for breakfast (or it’s just Tuesday). Truthfully and openly, it’s the first birthday number to give me angst. Leading up to this day, the beginning of the end of my 30’s, only a small part of my trepidation is […]

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